Customers can book their own appointments

This software is something that can simply be installed on any computer or laptop and it manages all that data that you have. This data revolves around the number of clients, their personal contact details, their services that they booked and pending payments. You can even control stocks of products and when you need to purchase fresh stock. You can offer your clients control over their appointments and these can be easily managed by your staff.What it does is that it condenses all this information into a visual format that’s easy to follow. You can use it to keep tabs on your employees and their performance records. The software isn’t too technical, all you require is a simple tutorial and you’re good to go. Most companies that design the software will also provide a help line that you can contact is case you do have some issues. 마사지

Salon software can help your staff to manage their client’s appointments and transactions effectively, ensuring customer satisfaction. Customers can book their own appointments online by visiting your website and this information is sent to the database. Employees then schedule them right into the system as soon as they get their calls, or cancel them immediately. Managers and owners can plan out or organize reporting, payroll, advertising and email marketing.Inventory management is another important factor that can’t be overlooked- earlier this would have been the ultimate nightmare to most salon owners. Now you have a tool that can help you manage your entire inventory right from materials to costing. This ensures that you never run out of your customer’s favorite products- it’s actually a better way to do business.If you would like to increase your business and find more customers, then this is just the tool that you need. Quick, fast and very effective – you’ll be surprised at just how well this software really works. You can even go online and see the number of recommendations and testimonials that users have.