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Compared to traditional publishing houses, you are able to receive a greater share of the profits and have better creative control when you choose a credible self-publishing service. Several reputed companies offer this service to you, and with them, you can effectively save time and money to get your book published faster.

ReadersMagnet – An esteemed name in the field of self-publishing

ReadersMagnet, based in the USA, is a credible name in the field of self-publishing. It is a professional company that has helped many new and experienced writers publish their books in every genre without hassles at all. The team of professional experts here values their authors, and they look into each and every aspect of the publishing process in detail.

Get the opportunity to make a name in the literary world

In the past, authors used to rely on traditional publishing houses to get their books published. However, these houses have very stringent deadlines that the author has to abide by. Despite these stringent deadlines, these houses used to be very slow when it came to publishing the book of the writer. It took as much as 12 to nearly 36 months for the book to be finally released in the market after the writer signs the book’s deal.

Skip the waiting period

From the above, it is evident that if a writer works hard and needs to wait for a long time to finally get the book published, this ordeal can be quite frustrating. Today, times have changed, and writers can resort to credible self-publishing services from esteemed companies to get the books published on time. These reliable companies value their clients’ time, so they keep a timeline that is as short as possible for the book to be published. Moreover, the writer can keep a deadline as he/she pleases, and once work on the book is over, it is uploaded and marketed to the targeted audience.

No more rejections

One of the biggest obstacles of traditional publishing houses is rejection. However, self-published authors do not face this rejection as they are free to publish whatever they want. At the same time, when it comes to choosing the market to whom they want to sell their book, they are free to choose their targeted audience. Traditional publishing companies have control over the creative process, the royalties, and the market where the book will be stocked and sold. This means you have no say in the whole process of publishing with them.

ReadersMagnet makes the self-publishing process a seamless and hassle-free affair. They ensure all their clients get a personal touch when it comes to an understanding the complex procedures associated with book publishing. The team of professionals is experienced and proactive when it comes to publishing guides and helping new and seasoned writers get their work published on time. Authors who have worked with them are happy with their services. The company believes in value for money and maintains the highest service quality and delivery standards for everyone.

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