Mack Prioleau – Life Skills That Football Teaches You

When it comes to the qualities of leadership, discipline, and teamwork, nothing balances both your physical with mental strength like a sport. When it comes to Football, it is one of the best sports that school and college students should play. As a parent, you should encourage your child to play sports as it teaches them some valuable life skills that stay with them forever.

Mack Prioleau from Dallas, Texas, believes that Football indeed can enrich your life. He is a Vanderbilt University student and is currently pursuing his major in Economics and minors in Financial Economic and Corporate Strategy. He was born in Berkeley, CA, and has spent the first eight years of his life in the San Francisco Bay Area.

He played Football as a freshman, and he contributed as a scout team defensive end. He earned his spot in the traveling team for playing against Texas A&M and later made it to the Vanderbilt Football 3.0 Club for getting a GPA above 3.0 while the grueling season was on.

His performance in the classroom is also good, and he has made it to the Dean’s List in three of his four semesters in college completed till this date.

Top life skills you can learn from Football

When it comes to playing Football, he says you can learn the following life skills from the sport-

  1. Football builds competitive skills- Players get the opportunity to study their competition and boost their own abilities to become better team players and individuals.
  2. Establishes discipline- Football, as a sport, requires a lot of discipline for regular practice. There are rigorous game schedules, and students need to balance all of them with their academics too.
  3. Builds the ability to listen and follow- A player must know when and how to listen and follow the instructions of the coach and senior players in the team.
  4. Nurtures leadership skills- When you, as a player, learn how to follow correctly, you will learn and build your leadership skills.
  5. It makes you responsible- Football is a team game, and every player is indispensable to the game. Their actions will affect others irrespective of whether the team wins the game or loses.
  6. Inculcates the value of regular practice- The more you practice your playing skills, the better you become at the game. In short, practice makes you perfect!
  7. There are shortcuts to success- You develop the understanding that Football, or for that matter, life, has no shortcut to success. Football needs regular endurance, practice, dedication, and more to be a good player.

Mack Prioleau has been an asset to his team and has been instrumental in winning many tournaments with them. When it comes to Football as a sport, he says it is one of the best sports for you to make friends for life. You grow up with your teammates, and you learn the values of celebrating success and failures together with your match wins and losses.

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